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Hello, you visitor! When giving your information (on the next Contact-page), you will be able to know what is going on in MozaikStar, and sometimes also what other organisations are doing. This is a promise, we will never flood you with newsletters; not every day, not every week, we wish to send you newsletter every second month...


For You who want someting for your wellbeing or health, when you want complementary treatments or products for your wellbeing or need some guidance in these matters- then You are at the right site.


Brian Mayne's Goal Mapping®

  • Certified Goal Mapping practitioner since 2013.
  • We give whole-day-workshops, half-day-workshops and lectures about the system of Goal Mapping for persons, for groups or teams and for organisations and businesses.
  • And we do private coaching on e.g. projects.
  • When you want to download our brochur in Swedish, use this link. 
  • Picture of Mozaikstar's broschur of Goal Mapping (Swedish or Finnish)
  • Or when you want our broschur in Finnish, please download it from HarriGo's website with this link- GoalMapping_suomeksi.
  • Of course you can to your Goa Map online. There are three levels of which the first is completely free, you only need to register. See here for more information.

Treatments and theraphies

  • BEMER-theraphy
  • Pranic Healing energytheraphy
  • Soul/Body fusion
  • Touch for Health (TFH)


-> wellbeing and nutrition

  • BEMER-products
  • Synergy-products (some of them)

-> music (and other CD- and DVD-products)

  • Mayana - You are not alone

-> books

  • Energiahoitoa praanalla (Pranic Healing, basic book in finnish)
  • Advanced Pranic Healing

-> more

  • ask ...


While we usually are doing a lot of things, we are at Your service usually evenings and weekends, when we also prefer answering questions and making reservations.

See you soon!